Primarily a mobile Internet startup, One97’s flagship brand is India’s largest digital-goods ecommerce platform Paytm. In addition to the standard mobile-content offerings, Paytm users can also use their mobiles to buy travel tickets, secure deals, and speak to Bollywood celebrities with the Superstar Talk product. Paytm also provides an RBI-approved semi-closed wallet as a prominent mobile-first payment solution for ecommerce merchants.


One97 has managed to attract the VC dollars of Alibaba’s Ant Finance arm to raise a total of $610M, of which the Chinese giant now has a 25% stake in.

Co-founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma shared the highly ambitious aspirations of Paytm in March 2015, whereby the company seeks to grow from 25 million active wallets to 100 million wallets by the close of 2015. Furthermore, Sharma stated that One97 wants to take Paytm’s $1B daily gross transaction value up to $4B—with plans of this magnitude, we won’t be the only ones awaiting the outcome.