Kalpana Saroj was born into a Dalit family in Akola city, Maharashtra. He was married to a 22-year-old Mumbai-based man at the age of 12. Their marriage failed within a few months due to the mistreatment of in-laws. And she returned to her parents.

You will not believe that the highly successful and ambitious Kalpana Saroj was depressed from life and was stepping towards suicide. In the end of 1980, Sarojreturned to Mumbai, wanting to do something in life. She used to think of small idea of ​​business in Hindi. She started living her life in a garment company in Mumbai, working as a labor for 60 rupees

He took a loan of Rs 50,000for his first business venture and started a furniture
 business and boutique.
The same Kalpana Saroj, who used to work as a labor, is the owner of 7companies today. Kamani Tubes is one 
of them