It is said that if there is a passion and passion to do something, then it does not take any time 
to turn around. Kabirdas ji has rightly said - 'Rasari awat jat se sil to layer nissan', every 
hard work can be made easy by doing hard work.

VSS Mani, this is the name of a person who has presented a mishle for the youth 
of the country and told how to achieve success despite tough struggles.
VSS Mani ji owns the jusl dial company and hails from Calcutta. "Just Dial" is today a 900 crore
 company that employs thousands of employees.
There was a time when VSS Mani ji was going through tough struggles. Despite many efforts,
 no work was being successful.
Although the idea of ​​ JustDial was in his mind from the age of 22 and due to this he started a company
called Askme but this company could not be very successful

In those days of struggle, VSS Mani Ji started Just Dial by selling his wife's jewelry and 
the new result of his hard work is that the company has become 900 crore today.
Not only this, Amitabh Bachchan himself is the brand ambassador of JustDial and today it is one of the very famous company.
 8888888888 This number is used for JustDial. 
VSS Mani ji is at the stage that his life can be a source of inspiration for the youth.
Friends, do not panic when hard times come in life because struggle islike an 
exam in which you can succeed only by passing.