For nearly a decade now Teach For India is helping children from under resourced schools to realise their potential through a leadership oriented fellowship programme. 


A girl from a broken home, with her father in jail on account of murder it seems surreal that in the face of such challenges, she is managed to spread her wings and follow her passion for theatre with the Maya Musical journey. 

This Teach For India (TFI) initiated broadway was her first interaction with formal education. This experience paved her way to the global stage. From Italy to study at the United World College of Adriatic, and is currently on her way to Franklin and Marshall on a full scholarship.

Priyanka is just one of the many kids whose dreams all have realised all thanks to an organisation like Teach For India. This organisation with one vision is working across seven cities, with 6,000 fellows changing the way education works in India. The organisation has impacted 39,587 kids. Conceived in 2007 and first executed in 2009, today Teach For India (TFI) has become a successful model for a youth movement. Heralding the change Shaheen Mistry, the CEO of Teach For India says that the dream is incomplete; education continues to remains inaccessible to a majority of children. She adds,

An in-depth classroom engagement spanning across two years also provides them with a window to get acquainted with the realities of India’s education system— 76 percent of students do not make it to a higher education system; 52 percent of standard 5 students cannot read a standard 2 text-book; 52 percent, approximately 9 lakh teacher vacancies exist across primary and upper primary schools.   The Fellow is assigned a classroom in one of Teach For India’s placement cities, and is expected to not only teach academics and values but they aim to give their students the access and exposure they need to reach their personal, long-term visions.