Hey guys, today's topic is - What is TURNOVER? We will have many questions about turnover, which we will understand in this article today, and along with knowing about the importance of TURNOVER, and also how to CALCULATE TURNOVER?

The turn over may have different meanings in different contexts, such as -

In the context of Business, Business Turnover has - Total Sales (Net Sales),

In the context of HR management, turnover means - how many employees left the job in a time period and how many employees were placed on the job instead, it is called employee turn over rate,

If we talk about stock market turnover and finance, then turnover means -

In terms of price - the total price value of a share traded in a time period.

Generally, in the field of finance, the term turnover is used to denote the total business, sales, and turnover numbers and value of a company in a time period.

We have seen Business Turn over is a value that refers to the total sales of a business, and usually the pay turnover is the sum of the total sales made by the company in a financial year.

By business turnover, we can understand both the ability and quality of selling a business product, turnover is also used with different financial terms,

Such as - Sales Turnover, Profit Turnover, Income Turnover, Inventory turnover, Employee Turnover, Volume Turn over, Price Turnover.

Another way is to multiply the entire quantity sold with an average price,

TURN OVER = "Total quantity" sold in period x "Average Price" in that period