This story began in 1894 . Tomas Bata , along with his brother antonin and sister ana, started making shoes in Zlin city, Czechosolovakia. (super bata prostate And put 10 employee's in this company firsttime. This task was not new to Tomas because the Ancestar of Tomas was work of souter.

But in any work started has many problems. And that happened to the Bata company. In the first time of starting the company, Tomas lacks a lot of money and as a result , leather is made of (super bata prostate)  canvas shoes instead. His dicision made the company get a new look. Shoes cost a lot of cheap due to reduced canvas costs as a result the company’s growth increase ..


After a few years Tomas goes to America and from there comes to (super bata prostate)  learning how to make so many shoes together. And by applying that method Tomas greatly enhanced his production. Then Tomas is for the official people makes a shoe called Batovky.


This shoe is highly favored for simplicity, style, light weight and price. And its popularty gives the company more growth. Shortly afterward Tomas brother antonin died and his sister ana married. (super bata prostate)

Tomas struggle 

Even though Tomas was left alone, but he was the no one to stop instead he decides to further. Then Tomas entrusted the business to his younger brother. He did not mean any problem rate. In 1912 the number of employees of Bata company increases to 600 over. When First World war started in 1914, the company was order to make shoes for soldiers for quality and comfort. Company employees were increased 10 times to deliver shoe similar to the ones during world war until 1918. And the company opens its own stores in different cities. So far with Tomas Bata everything is pretty good. But after world war, the company goes depression that it was not convenient for Bata.

This incident puts the company in deep trouble. But Tomas will solve these problems very well. And take a risky dicision for the company.

Tomas made the dicision during the company’s trouble and reduced the betting shoe by half. In its employees of the company gives a full support of Tomas and they reduce their pay by 40%. It is said that business is a kind of teamwork, if the team isn with you, any problem can be solve easily. Soon the company is shocked by the halfprice of shoes and labor of employees, that depression time to close another company during the recession when the Bata company there is a lot of order matching. (super bata prostate) 

Then Tomas Bata and Bata company never looked back. And gradually Bata become the world’s largest shoe brand. currently Bata company has more thane 5,200 stores in more than 70 countries. the headquarters of this company are currently switzerland. Tomas Bata who built this successful Bata company, he died in 1932. But his biography teaches us that the problem should not be accepted as much.