DHL is primarily a courier company working worldwide. (dhl courier)


DHL is an American German courier and expresses mail company (DHL courier)  established in 1969 and headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche DHL logistics and is the largest logistics company (DHL courier) in the world. It delivers about 1.3 billion parcels every year, mainly specializing in air and sea courier. DHL was stated as an offshore courier and mail company, but it came into existence after it competed with FedEx, a leading logistics company at that time. (DHL courier)

But it gained a foothold after it acquired the American logistics company (DHL courier) Airborne Express, which was the largest and most productive logistics company in the US. As of 2019, its revenue was calculated to be around £14 billion.  (DHL courier)  It is also a leading logistics brand in India.