This is a delivery service that focuses on meat and fish. The company was founded in March 2016, and has grown so much that its aim to expand to 20 cities throughout 2017!  (fresh to home)

Founded In: 2014

Offices In: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Total Funding: $24.2


FreshtoHome takes the meat and fish from the fishermen and farmers, keeping the cold chain intact between zero and five degree Celsius. They spend Rs 35-38 on packaging material and reverse osmosis-treated ice, which ensures that this cold chain remains intact. 

“Because of the sheer size of the coast and it being so fragmented, the brick-and-mortar approach of putting one person in every coastline isn’t effective. So we created an Android app, which is essentially used by all the fishermen community,” says Shan.  (fresh to home)

The app has pictures, with which the fisherman (fresh to home) and livestock farmers can bid the price at which they intend to sell their stock. Then the system places a purchase order, thus working as a virtual trading commodities exchange.

The fishermen and livestock farmers are trained on quality and grading, and are given financial advances to work as a marketplace vendor.  (fresh to home) 

FreshtoHome initially faced challenges from the local middlemen and supply chain. However, the team broke the ice by working with the local players to source the produce. 

There are different challenges to deal with – local middlemen and, issues of the local supply chain. To combat this the team decided to collaborate with the local supply chain.