Mercedes Benz is one of the most celebrated (mercedes benz c class)  names among the Luxury automobile brands in the world. The German automobile company has been around for more than a century, now operated by Daimler-Benz, and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The people behind Mercedes are responsible for the dawn of the modern-day internal combustion engines, in the true sense they invented the automobile. (Mercedes benz c class) 


Carl Benz is regarded to be the founder of this company, his 1986 patent 'Benz Patent Motorwagen' is widely considered to be the first automobile. Later that year, Daimler along with engineer Wilhelm Maybach also converted a stage coach with a petrol engine and got rid of horse-powered transportation. Although Benz and Daimler both stayed in south Germany and worked around the same time on their respective models, they never met each other. (mercedes benz c class) 

The success of this design (mercedes benz c class)  is also attributed to the businessman and automobile enthusiast Emil Jellinek who bought his first Daimler car in 1897. He was so thrilled with the car that he approached  (mercedes benz c class) Daimler and Maybach with an offer of mass production of the car, with a clause that it will be under the brand name of Mercedes instead of Daimler. Mercedes was Jellinek daughter's name, The first 'Mercedes' was marketed in 1901 and with its impressive success in the market and racing arena, Mercedes vehicles steered in a new era. (mercedes benz c class)

Mercedes-Benz's slogan is 'The best or nothing'. Mercedes Benz cars (mercedes benz c class)  are known for their Limousines which were made famous mostly in the movies and were used by diplomats as well. Today they are part of 'German Big 3' automobile manufacturers along with Audi and BMW.