"It cleans your breath while (Colgate share price) it cleans your teeth", can you guess whose slogan is this. 


If you have guessed correctly then today I'm going to tell you the success story of one of the best selling toothpaste brands of India i. e. Colgate.  (Colgate share price)

Its popularity can be measured by thousands of situations where the term toothpaste is replaced by Colgate in India. (Colgate share price)

Do you know, this brand came into being almost 210 years ago, introduced by Williams Colgate.  (Colgate share price)

And initially, this company used to produce soaps, not toothpaste that too in jars and not tubes. 

The founder of Colgate, Willam Colgate was born on 25 Jan 1783 in England. His father was a farmer. 

But later, they shifted to Maryland in the US where his father along with a friend began to make candles and soaps
Gradually with growing income, he reached donating 50% of his income. On 25 March 1857, he breathed his last. 

After him, his three sons handled the business. They took it forward in terms of oral hygiene. 

They introduced the Colgate toothpaste jar. With time and development in packaging, it became available in tubes.

Today, thousands of people work in this company. It started working with Palmolive company and made perfumes as well. 

So overall, the moral behind this story is that never give up even in the worst situations. And do believe in helping others.

Colgate Results

Net Sales  Rs 1,285.48 crore in September 2020 increased by 5.21% from Rs. 1,221.80 crore in September 2019.

Quarterly Net Profit is  Rs. 274.19 crore in September 2020 increased by 12.32% from Rs. 244.11 crore in September 2019. 9 (colgate share price) 

EBITDA stands at Rs. 416.86 crore in September 2020 increased by 25.71% from Rs. 331.60 pounds in September 2019.

Colgate EPS increased to Rs. 10.08 September 2020 from Rs. 8.97 September 2019. (colgate share price)

Shares of Colgate closed at 1,426.80 on October 21, 2020 (NSE) and gave 1.64% returns six months ago and 6.94% over the previous 12 months.