Shopify started life as a small team of five workings  (partners login shopify)out of a coffee shop in Canada. It has since grown to a team of over 2,000 employees working in five different offices across North America. Its success with its core product: a popular online store builder, is founded on strong core company values and a killer company culture that has made Shopify’s success possible. The whole CMS started as a solution to common e-commerce problems faced by bootstrapping entrepreneurs. (partners login shopify)

There are many reasons why Shopify is one of the top startups for company culture. It has an internal praise tool called UNICORN that ensures no good deed goes unnoticed. This tool even allows employees to offer cash bonuses to other employees who they feel deserve it. 

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It has impressive office spaces and numerous company benefits, such as Apple gear for everyone who works there. It even strives to look after employees’ health, offering $250 towards fitness classes or equipment and will cough up the cash for a gym membership because it knows this will increase productivity.(partners login shopify)