The Genomals have become trusted partners of Jockey all across Asia, becoming billionaires in the process. 


The year was 1994. Sunder 'Ashok' Genomal was visiting Bangalore for the first time to spend time with his sister who had moved to the city. There was another reason for his visit to India. Sunder was scouting for growth opportunities in the country, which had opened up three years earlier. He was encouraged in this quest by Jockey, the global innerwear and loungewear company, headquartered in Wisconsin, US. Jockey wanted a presence in India and saw the Genomals as a potential partner.

"Even as I weighed the relative merits in my mind, it was finally the lovely Bangalore weather which proved to be the clincher," avers Sunder, with a smile. Also, maybe the fact that, before Bangalore become synonymous with the IT boom, the city's largest employer was the textile industry had a role to play in the decision.

But first, a flashback. The Genomals have roots in Mumbai and the Sindh province of Pakistan, but Sunder was born and brought up in Manila. He still retains citizenship of Philippines, though he has worked in several countries - across Africa, in UK and now India. Four generations of his family trace their success to a grand uncle who had moved to Philippines in 1889 to take advantage of trading opportunities.


  • INCOME/ 3-YR CAGR: Rs 1,552 crore/ 30 per cent
  • OP. PROFIT/ 3-YR CAGR: Rs 320 crore/ 29 per cent
  • PAT/ 3-YR CAGR: Rs 196 crore/ 30 per cent
  • AVG MCAP/ 3-YR CAGR: Rs 9,980 crore/ 58 per cent
  • AVG MCAP (APR-SEPT 2015)/YOY GROWTH: 107 per cent
  • ROE/ ROCE: 58.0 per cent/ 62.4 per cent
  • CASH/DEBT: Rs 4 crore/ 157 crore
  • NET PROFIT MARGIN: 12.70 per cent
  • Standalone data, net of extraordinary income and expenses