“It’s never too late to start something new, to do all those things that you’ve been longing to do.” Dallas Clayton. This proverb stands true for KFC owner Colonel Harland Sanders. He started selling fried chicken when he was 69. He shattered entrepreneurial myth such as you have to start at young age to be a successful entrepreneur. Let’s read the inspirational KFC success story. (kfc doughnut sandwich)


History of KFC

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was established by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 in Utah. He worked for many years in various fields with mixed success before starting fast food chain KFC.  (kfc doughnut sandwich) 

KFC focused on the fried chicken when there (kfc doughnut sandwich) was dominance of hamburger. Sanders learnt cooking at the early age of 7.

He developed what he called his “Original Recipe” comprising of 11 herbs and spices in July 1940. The same recipe is used for KFC restaurants chain. KFC headquarter was established in Louisville, Kentucky in 1959.

Growth and Success Factors of KFC

KFC quite early realized that time means money. KFC serves its customer fast, saving their time which encourages consumer to come to its services again and again. Retention of customer is higher in KFC and it is one of the major reasons behind the success of KFC.

Along with that technology has also contributed towards the success of KFC. Colonel Sanders knew the importance of pressure cooker only after few weeks of its introduction.

Pressure cooker makes it possible to boil the liquid at higher temperature then normal boiling point. Therefore killing the germs, making the food last longer and retaining the nutrient, thus making the food tastier

The “Original Recipe” made by Colonel Sanders is the USP of KFC. It is the most important factory behind KFC success story. No other fast food company has unique taste of chicken that KFC has. KFC is popular all around the globe for its taste.

The main reason for Success and growth of KFC is due to the franchise system in which it operates. In a franchise system, everything is documented and there are strict rules for running the business. For example:

The chicken must be cooked in a pressure cooker and left for 15 minutes

The size of each of the chicken parts must at least 8 cm wide and weight 300 grams

The chicken must be marinated overnight. (kfc doughnut sandwich)

The age of the chicken must be between 60-70 days (kfc doughnut sandwich)

This long list of standard operating procedures is actually the key to KFC success story and for the franchise. The long list is actually an accumulated wisdom and know-how the franchise system has developed after a few decades of operation.