Zappos (Zappos India) has nailed its company culture. It’s almost as well-known for its company culture as it is for its shoes. CEO Tony Hsieh ensures that employees are there because they want to be – and not just for the paycheck. This instills brilliant customer service from the core of the company.(Zappos india)

 The interview process is based half on skill and experience, and a half on company culture to ensure that all new staff fit into the company dynamic. Tony Hsieh takes things a step further and offers new employees $2,000 to quit after the first two weeks of training to weed out those who are simply there for financial reasons. 

All members of staff work in the call center for the first month, whether you’ve been hired as a lawyer or web designer. Great company culture is the focus of Zappos’ core values – it believes that great customer service and branding will happen of its own accord when the company culture is right.