Acer was founded by Stan Shih Chen Jung and his friends in 1976 with an initial investment of  (Acer inc computer brands) $25,000. They named the company ’Multitech International’ and started by designing hand-held electronic games and later went on to distribute semi-conductors which they had imported for lower costs from developing countries.


In 1981, the company was given the name ‘Acer Inc.’ Their first successful product was the (Acer inc computer brands)  ‘Microprofessor’ which went on to provide them with revenue for their future projects. Next they started manufacturing PC’s which they supplied to companies which they sold under their well established brands.

Acer was the first Taiwanese computer company that went on to sell its product directly. This (Acer inc computer brands) was only possible because of investing their profits into Research and Development. Thus in 1986 it was able to develop the world’s first Chinese language computer which came with an Intel 386 processor.


Acer’s bold moves paid off and at in the year 1988 it had earned $25 million in profits only. By 1990 Acer’s revenue had reached close to $1 billion but it had only profits of $4 million. This (Acer inc computer brands) was due the instant fall in the prices of computer hardware worldwide and the strengthening of the Taiwanese dollar. But Acer marched ahead by investing in new technology and acquiring various useful companies.

Acer had to quickly come up with a strategy to improve their profit margins and keep the sales revenue growing. They did this by shipping the various components to 32 locations around the (Acer inc computer brands) world for assembly. The keyboards, casings were sent to different countries in large quantities by ship.

The motherboard was constantly updated so it was sent by air as and when there was demand.(Acer inc computer brands)  The CPU and the hard drive were already expensive components so instead of shipping them, they were acquired from the local country.   


This strategy helped in decreasing the costs of production and keeping the quality of the product (Acer inc computer brands)  as high as possible. By 1995, Acer was able to become the number one selling computer brand in countries like Philippines, Thailand, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Taiwan. In 1993 Acer was able to record profits of $75 million.


In 1994 it was able to reach $3.2 billion in revenue out of which $210 million were profits. It had crossed manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard to become the ninth largest (Acer inc computer brands) manufacturer in the world. In 2007 Acer acquired two of its rivals Packard Bell and Gateway in order to launch itself to become the biggest PC vendor in the world.