Since 1998, Philip Morris USA has invested in positive youth development as a way to help address a (altria group ) core business concern: underage tobacco use. 

Middle school is a challenging time for kids. They’re at increased risk for experimenting with risky behaviors and doing poorly or losing interest in their learning. Research shows that if kids aren’t (altria group )  physically healthy or are struggling emotionally, they’re unlikely to excel academically. To stay on a positive path, middle school kids need added support during and after school and at home. 


 Altria invests in leading national and local non-profit organizations that serve kids and their families. (altria group )  Success360° encourages collaboration among youth serving organizations to better connect the services they provide in and out of the classroom. 

In this effort, Altria’s tobacco companies help provide middle school kids the full range of resources they need to succeed academically, make good decisions and avoid risky behaviors like tobacco use. For example, we support Communities in Schools in bringing resources to 1.5 million at-risk youth (altria group )  helping them to succeed in school. This model reduces barriers to academic achievement and engages other Success360° partners to bring resources such as caring adults, tobacco prevention programming and enrichment programs focused on character-building values.

In 2019, Altria's tobacco companies provided a combined $25 million for Altria's core Success360° (altria group )  initiative.