Coolberg, a Mumbai based startup, works with a unique idea (coolberg jobs) of having a non-alcoholic beer. Coolberg makes the parties and gatherings easier for people who feel odd during such occasions with a wide range of flavors.

Founded In: 2016

Offices In: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Total Funding: Not disclosed


We’re Coolberg – a zero alcohol beer brand… proudly Indian. Brand Coolberg was launched in 2016 with a single-minded vision of catering to a new category of drink that is modern, trendy and   (coolberg jobs) aspirational. In a market where cola or fruit-flavoured fizzy drinks are the only options, we are an alternate beverage to what’s available in the market, that would give the consumers a pleasant respite with a curated taste and a premium imagery.

Dressed up in strong 300ml glass bottles, with a packaging design that consumes the eye, our 7   (coolberg jobs)  flavours are a treat for every taste. We pride ourselves in getting our products right, with just the right amount of sweetness, brewed impeccably in a natural base of hops and malt, and a fizz that’s just enough to pleasantly tantalize your taste buds. This experience will soon be available in a 250ml can as well, which will help cater to a different TG.

Though our products are alcohol-free, as far as taste is concerned,   (coolberg jobs) our Malt variant could easily pass off as real beer in a blind test, while our Java Malt variant would tease the taste buds with a lingering aftertaste of coffee. With the following 5 additional crafted flavours, we cater to every taste – Cranberry, Ginger, Strawberry, Peach, and Mint.