Ferrari is not only known for majestic sports cars, deafening formula (ferrari vs ford) 1™ race cars but also for the power, the acceleration, and the exhilaration that its drivers experience. Here is the wonderful success story of Enzo Ferrari! Enzo Ferrari, born in 1898, has always had racing in his blood combined with the strong desire to become a race driver. However, the First World War began when Enzo Ferrari was 16, which lead him to become a mule-skinner in the 3rd Alpine Artillery division of the Italian Army. In his early years, Ferrari suffered a lot of throwbacks, such as the death of his father and brother and the realization that the family firm had collapsed when he returned after the end of the war.


Ferraris successes in the local races promoted him to become the head (ferrari vs ford ) of the Scuderia Ferrari, Alfa’s racing team, where he started to develop a racing team that won only few victories, despite the high quality of the drives. Alfa Romeo withdraw their engagement in 1933, when financial constraints arose, which lead Ferrari to leave Alfa in 1937, after being demoted to director of sports. Enzo Ferrari had founded a company that supplied car parts to racing teams, when the Second World War began, where his company became involved in the war production.


Enzo Ferrari started to participate in the Formula 1 World Championship with his racing team and produced sport cars as a secondary business in order to finance his racing endeavors. The very first road car that was manufactured by Ferrari was the 125Sport, which was powered by a 1.5 L V12 engine that helped the company to gain a reputation for excellence and luxurious cars. Enzo Ferrari’s leadership style and his strong personality (ferrari vs ford )allowed him to strengthen his racing team and his company.


It was in 1969 when FIAT started its engagement with a 50% stake investment in Ferrari S.p.A., which lead to an extension of the factory and the (ferrari vs ford )    creation of new road cars. Enzo Ferrari retired in 1973 from his sports car racing team and died in 1988, which lead Ferrari to become a mythos. In 2002, Ferrari built the Enzo Ferrari, a 12 cylinder Berlinetta as an homage for the company’s founder.