Wow! Momo is an Indian chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Kolkata.The chain specializes in momos, momo-filled burgers (MoBurgs) and momo-based desserts. It was established in 2008 by St. Xavier's College alumni Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai.

As of March 2021, there are around 350 outlets across 17 cities in India. The company aims to be an IPO in a few years with plans to gain a global foothold, i.e., they want to compete with the likes of Domino's and McDonald's


This is a food chain that are growing ever so fast in India. You will find branches in Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, and many other spots. Wow! Sell burgers, Tibetan food and just about anything you can imagine. You will never go hungry when a Wow! Branch is nearby!

Total Funding: $470 Million